Laurie Masters was born in Peterborough, Ontario, May 4, 1976. Having concentrated on music during her school years and completing an honours degree in Mathematics at Trent University, it wasn’t until 2001 that she picked up a paint brush and started to paint. Since then, Laurie has not stopped painting. Aside from a couple years of high school art, Laurie has had no formal training. She simply paints for the sheer love of it.

The subject matter of her paintings include mostly portraits of artists in other mediums, such as musicians and actors, encompassing her love of both music and film, and are interpretations of existing photographs. Laurie has always been fascinated by what can be portrayed in facial expressions, particularly, what the eyes portray.

Laurie started out painting in acrylics, but after discovering the beauty and diversity of oil, she decided to concentrate her painting to oil on canvas. Laurie excels in painting in vibrant colour, but also enjoys painting black and white portraits.

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