13 Nov 2011
November 13, 2011

Bukowskis Contemporary Art Auction

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Bukowskis is an international auction house, founded in 1870, in Sweden, by a noble polishman “Henryk Gormley”.  Sweden has a lengthy history of contemporary art and design as the country has had many great painters to be proud of- Johan Tobias Sergel, Carl Milles, Anders Zorn, Carl Larsson and Carl Eldh are few to mention.

Bukowskis Contemporary ABukowskis Contemporary Art Auction: Swedish Artists – International Art rt Auction is going to be conducted soon and in the auction works of seven Swedish artists will be presented and sold. Details are given below:

Almost there (2000) – Maria Friberg (b. 1966):

Maria’s Almost there has deep meanings hidden inside the men’s images, upon observing closely, you will find the amount of courage these men actually have. But, undecidedly they reached to a place that wasn’t their goal. The image is showing a strong collapse of the dotcom era. The art seems to be translating a real happening in the phase of feelings and images. Price : 8450-10,550 euro.

Death Forest (2001) – Jockum Nordström (b. 1962):

He enjoyed receiving global recognition through the Armory show that was held in year 2005.  His artwork has ever been liked and accepted by art lovers. Majority of his presentations were made by David Zeirner. Now at the upcoming auction he is going to display his first artwork. Price105050, 126100 euro.

Hardcore (2002) – Nathalie Djurberg (b. 1978):

Her animated picture and art scene seems to be prevailing by all angles. She transformed her art into real meanings of violent and brutality, bold clay animations are displaying the feeling of this artist very vividly. Price 12,650, 15 800 euro

Kastellet Girl (2007) – Antony Gormley:  The famous sculpture designer would conquer the world by presenting impressively designed human bodies- somewhere showing deep details of solitude and loneliness. Price 87 400 -105000 euro)

Dovima with Elephants – Richard Avedon:

He knows how to translate latest fashion and trends in the art form and get appraises.  His photo art is incredibly impressive and smart. The photo that will be placed in the upcoming auction was taken in the Cirque, d’Hiver in Paris, and within the photo a warmly dressed girl is super model Dovima wearing a lavished designer’ dress.  This outfit was the very first dress designed for Dior By Yves Saint Laurent. Price 262 650-315 150 euro

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