20 Nov 2010
November 20, 2010

All That Fits in a Matchbox

November 20, 2010 Artworks And Sculptures, Bizarre And Weird 0 Comment

Ever wondered what you could do with a match? Light it up and start a fire with it of course! But David Reynolds from Southport, a retired British 51-year-old man found another, a bit out of the ordinary use to them. What is unusual is that he spent more than 10.000 hours to glue them together to form sailboats.Ok, after they get retired, people usually spend their time relaxing, going on cruises and having fun. Some people like to keep themselves busy all the time. As if they have not worked enough all their life.What is even crazier about this man is that he managed to do loyal copies of famous ships such as the Titanic, Queen Mary and the British ship Victoria. How much of a history geek can one be? And he even sells them, at a hilariously low price considering the hard work he puts into building one.

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