24 Nov 2010
November 24, 2010

Food As Art

November 24, 2010 Artworks And Sculptures 0 Comment

‘The first bite is with the eye’, so the saying goes. It’s all very well having inspiring dishes and beautifully laid out plates of gorgeous food but what happens if you take it just that bit further?  Consider these sculptors and artists of food – true artisans in the food department!

Water Melon Lady

Without a doubt the humble water melon is beloved of food sculptors. This one is frankly outstanding. Nice earrings by the way.

Source : here

Butterfly Apple

Wonderfully carved; the butterfly’s antennae has a nice touch by being made by splitting the stork.

Source : here

Watermelon Swimmer

With a touch of gossamer this ‘swimmer’ really looks like he’s really going for it.

Source : here

Vegetable Fish

This one took me by surprise.  Never seen such interesting brassica’s before!

Source : here

Mining a melon

Ah, the melon.  Of course the figures aren’t carved but are added to this amusing diorama where the seeds are the sought after prize.

Source : here


The cute waste disposal robot returns in food form complete with the compacted waste cubes.

Source : here

Eggs in Shell

Is this more of a statement then it first appears?  An egg in a shell pram?

Source : here

Apple Atlas

No, not a melon but a more tasty fruit and one which is showing its true colours.  A fine representation of a Mercator Atlantic Projection if ever I saw one!

Source : here

Capsicum Pepper Skull

A good bit of detailing here on what I think is meant to be a dinosaur skull. Innovative use of a cocktail stick too.

Source : here

Cute Puppy

From the sublime to the ridiculous.  This canny puppy is an amalgamation of fruits and veg including cauliflower, pineapple, orange and lemons.

Source : here

Red Ant Radish

In one word; remarkable.

Source : here

The Banquet

How about this for an over-the-top food sculpting extravaganza?+

Source : here

iPhone Cookie

You could make the obvious joke and say this is the LG Chocolate but this too tasty for that.  My particular favourite is the app icons.

Source : here

Pumpkin Predator

My all-time favourite from this list has to be this staggering carved pumpkin. The detail is just incredible!

Source : here

Herbert loves his art and he loves his food but which is best?  Only one way to find out! Fight! And the winner is… well of course there’s no contest; food is for eating! And Herbert, the carnivore he is, loves his pork and instead of sculpting it he spends time looking through at pork chop recipes.

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