Today we have something special for all fans of sports and modern art. If you’re into sports such as football or basketball, and at the same time you enjoy modern art, you might want to check out the works of these two artists.These two guys are from GV Design, and there are two of them, Greg and George. Both of them enjoy sports and modern art, so they have turned their favorite basketball and football idols into art with some modern techniques. As you can see, they are using ink, colored pencils, and paint to bring their idols to life and give them that modern look. Besides football and basketball players, you can find all sorts of singers in their artwork as well. As for the basketball players there are Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Braynt, Kevin Garnett and Dwayne Wade. There are some football players as well such as Payton Manning, Josh Cribbs, Reggie Bush, Brady Quinn, Jamal Lewis, Andra Davis, Sean Jones, and Braylon Edwards. Besides these people, there is also Muhamed Ali, Tiger Woods, and two famous singers, Michael Jackson and Kanye West.Their art looks amazing and if you’re into modern art and sports, make sure that you check their art.

Via (GVArtwork)

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