Iron Man is probably one of the most important parts of the story about the steampunk which continues to be a new re-born trend today. The moment when a fictional character Anthony Stark decided to build a coal-powered machine in form of suit, is one of the most important moments in the history of the steampunk.Almost century after the Iron Man comic became widely popular, there is a growing group of those who are trying to make everything in their homes in steampunk style.

This awesome steampunk Iron Man figure has been recently listed on Ebay and it represents the real Iron Man in the form he had at his beginning with a coal-fueled steam machine in his chests. It is not like Iron Man we know today, which seems to be powered with some kind of nuclear reactor or similar and which looks like it came from the future not from the past. This is the real Iron Man and his veins are pipes filled with steam.

Via Packratstudios

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  1. …. WOW…. Steampunk art is so cool…. now we have IRON MAN !!

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