The life on streets is pretty rough and, as many of us know, there is not much rules on the streets. But even those people who are living on the street do have some talents and need to express their feels and thoughts in some more advanced way. Street art has started to develop with growth of various cities all over the world.

For example, graffiti are one of the most often examples of street art. In their beginnings, graffiti were a way to express rebellion and they were more used as a medium for political and similar messages.Basically, street art is pretty similar as a street life, there is no much rules. There are different kinds of street artists and those who call themselves street artists. This “art” can be sometimes annoying because not every street artist has same talents and vision for his artwork. I believe that the street art is a form of art which lays on the boundaries between art and non-art.

Painting is, of course, one of the most spread ways to express feelings on the street so we are going to focus here on street paintings. Here you can see some examples of street artworks. As you can see, there are no rules, for street artists every place where you can put your paint is a good place.

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