We have seen all sorts of amazing and incredible art over the years, and today we have something interesting to offer you. These are some incredible sculptures created by Heather Jansch, and if you’re into sculptures and animals, you’re definitely going to like these sculptures.Heather creates all sorts of sculptures of animals, but she doesn’t create them from stone. Instead of stone, Heather is using wood in her creations. She isn’t carving wood, she is combining pieces of wood in order to create her sculptures. Her sculptures are just amazing, and she is especially interested in horses, so it’s no wonder to see that most of her sculptures are inspired by horses. Besides horses, Heather creates sculptures of other animals, and we managed to find sculpture of a bear, pig, and even a deer in her collection. All of her sculptures are just amazing, and they are something that you shouldn’t miss, especially if you’re into arts, sculptures and animals.

Via (Heather Jansch)

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